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Join the cause

 Join the Cause

 A noble mission can only be successful when several hearts and hands join together. We  earnestly seek  your kind support and cooperation in pursuit of this great task. The task is a  mountain, but we do  strongly believe that for us, together – nothing is impossible.

 “We are the stones, we are the Sculptor, we are the Chistle and we evolve our own sculpture”  –  Please join hands with us.

 We seek your assistance through

 Financial Contributions – Donate Funds

 Academic Contributions – Donate Knowledge

 Professional Contributions – Donate Professional Services

 Support Students – Student sponsorships

 Sponsor Infrastructure

 Library and IT Facilities, Laboratories

 Research and Development and Consultancy services

 Sponsor Courses

 Sponsor for Student Welfare and Amenities, Promote Sports & Games

 Sponsor for food and accomodation

 Facilitate Self Help groups and Social Initiatives

 Merit Scholarships and Awards

 Support Students' Spiritual Programmes

 Financial Assistance

 The first-year need will be Rs. 7–8 crores for planning of the physical facilities and  infrastructure.  This will be raised from internal resources. We have organized a USA  nonprofit Corporation  (collectively USNp) to manage the funds. The USNp will use various  channels to raise the first  year’s planning funds.

 At a later stage, the institution can generate  funds from research and  development work and  advisory services. When the institution  establishes itself, some funds will  come from  endowments, foundation grants, research  contracts, and so forth. Once the institution  develops a reputation for its integrity and the  quality of its graduates, the money part will be  less  and less demanding. We seek to acquire  or lease on a long term favourable terms a  parcel of 125  hectares of land. A parcel of 125  hectares is necessary to develop a long-term  plan for the first  phase of the self-contained  educational community.

 Academic Contributions – Donate Knowledge

 Knowledge is a noble gift that can be given to as many as we can, and the resource  would  keep increasing. “ Vidya Danam” is considered to be the blessing bestowed  upon a  learner, by his teacher. It strengthens the learner’s mind and gives an  immense value to  the life of the learner.

 We all wanted to learn and shape ourselves to be the best. Many of us still keep  learning  from our lives and the lessons taught to us by our teachers, society and  the Almighty. Let  our own leanings and experiences and expertise be passed on to  the future generations,  as a torch of light – the Knowledge,  to remove the  darkness.
Office Address: 1,Ashirwad, Opp.Jeevan darshan Society, Vasna Barrage Road, Ahmedabad-380007.Fax - 91-79-26607087
Ph.No(India): -91-079-26607087 (U.S.A) :626-359-6006 E-mail: mail@sairamtrust.in
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