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Sai baba's Inspiration

    True education does not limit one to serve only one’s selfish ends; it elevates one to serve  others. Paroparakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam(One attains merit by serving others  and commits sin by harming them). Wherever you see today, you find only selfishness.

   Modern education is steeped in utter selfishness. It is only when man transcends his self- interest can he acquire true education and purity of heart.


   Character is most important in the life of man. Truth and righteousness is the foundation of  character. Sathyannasti Paro Dharma (There is no dharma greater than adherence to truth). The mansion of righteousness rests on the foundation of truth. If the very foundation  of truth collapses, there can be no righteousness. Hence, truth and righteousness are the  two most  important limbs of a human being. Where there are truth and righteousness, there  love  manifests. Without truth, righteousness and love, there can be no peace. And there is  little use of your positions of power and authority if you are without truth, righteousness,  love and  peace.


  What are the qualities expected of a student? A student should have good intellect, good character, adherence to truth, devotion, discipline and duty. Only those students who cultivate such qualities are eligible to be called students in the real sense. One who acts against these  principles is not a student, but a stupid being. You should not associate with such a person nor should you call him a stupid person. Do not have any relationship with such persons.You should hold on to your own good qualities which can earn you appreciation in the world.


  Today, students are engaged in acquiring education. The education that they acquire is only secular education and not spiritual education. In fact, only spiritual education is true education. One should acquire spiritual education since it gives the knowledge of God. Secular education  merely enables a person to eke out a living and thereby maintain himself and his family. The  end of education is Character. Devoid of character, everything else is useless. Unfortunately, today we have distanced ourselves from this sacred goal of education. Of what use is it to  acquire such an education which does not help one to attain its goal? Modern education  enables one to acquire merely worldly gains. But fulfilling one’s physical requirements is not  the be-all and end-all of education. Besides catering to one’s worldly progress, it should help  one to attain inner growth.


  Education should enable one to cultivate good qualities, character and devotion. There should  be balance between worldly progress and inner growth. There should be unity between one’s  thoughts and actions. Only when there is unity can one realise divinity.

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