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How we will do

1 We begin with a different purpose

 Most educational institutions aim to charge a fee and provide an education degree. Our  institution aims to mould a better citizen, and the degree is only a by-product of our process.

2 All-encompassing Approach

 Most institutions teach one or two subjects and let go of the student upon awarding a degree.  Our approach will be the total development of the student not only academically but also in  terms of character and personality. This will include mental and emotional adjustments where  needed, skills in human interaction, public speaking, business practices, global vision and  adjustment in interior as well as external personalities, for example, attitudes, emotions, and  patterns of thinking.

3 No Cost—Full Value

 When a fee is charged, all outcomes are measured in terms of money. Teachers limit their  contributions of knowledge. Students equate fees paid with the salaries they will receive upon  graduation. Institutions themselves look at cost/price ratios for the services they provide.

 Indian ethos provides for a free education. We hope to establish this institution with the  intention of service towards the nation, state, community and people at large. We intend to  bind our students with love and total care for their lifetime. Most of them will come back to the  institution in a later part of their lives. Nobody wants to forget the one who provided the  lifeline. Our teachers, sponsors and corporate donors will have more motivation to provide the  help we need when they know of our selfless service project. We intend to build a lifelong  relationship with all students where they can come back home to further their education and  also to share and give back. We intend to establish professional relationships with the Corporate so as to ensure the utility of the graduated students to suit their professional needs too.

4 Full Time vs. Part Time

 Most educational institutions teach four to six hours a day and let student wander around on  their own for the remaining eighteen hours. Our institution will demand twenty-four-hour  commitment from the student. On-campus residency will be emphasised as a tool for total  development. In other words, ours will be in the Gurukul style but with a contemporary  approach. This allows us to use students’ nonclass time for the total development.

5 Individual as a Unit

 Most educational institutions teach using factory-style mass production. On huge campuses  the likes of ucla, teaching is done with television monitors and with three hundred students  jammed in a room.

Our institution will have small classes; we will think of individual students as  being in a class by themselves. The personal relationship between the student and teacher  will be an important ingredient to nurture all potentialities of the individual. The student will be  encouraged to engage in life planning from early on.

6 Livelihood vs. Mission

 Today most teachers in most institutions are working for their livelihood and therefore they  have little motivation to impart true knowledge and share wisdom. Our institution will select  teachers who are beyond the concerns of livelihood and whose desire to teach is based on a  passion and a sense of mission. We intend to give them tools, a sense of purpose and  freedom to express themselves.

7 Practice vs. Theory

 Most institutions provide academic instruction but little in the way of practical instruction. The  classroom-only approach has limited utility in real the world. Our institution will actively seek  out industry–education partnerships. We will invite businesses to sponsor the students for  from  one year to a full four years of engagement. Part of the year student will need to work  for the  sponsoring business to complete their practical education. Integrated into this  program will be  interactive personality development workshops in areas like stress and anger  management,  rejections and tolerance and positive approaches to work and life.

8 Human Approach

 In the rush to modernize education, we have forgotten human values. The ultimate success of  human life depends upon the practice of human values. Our approach is to integrate human  values, which are universal.

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