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The Beneficiaries

1.The Society and the Nation

  In the rush to modernise education, Many have  forgotten  humanity and human values.The  ultimate success of human life  depends upon the  practice of human values.Our  approach is to integrate  human values, that are  universal so that competent  and cohesive personality  emerges from our institution  benefiting the society  and the nation.

2.The Individual Students

 We intend to mould a better citizen,and the degree is  only  a by product of our process.We aim at the total  development of the student not only academically  but  also in terms of character and personality.We  intend to  bind our students with love and total care for  their  lifetime. Most of them will come back to the  institution  in a later  part of their lifeline

3.Economically disadvantaged Segment

 When a fee is charged, all the outcomes are measured  in  terms of money. Indian ethos provides for a free  education. We endeavour to establish this institution  with the  intention of service towards the nation,  community and  people at large.

 We intend to provide free education to the  economically disadvantaged students who cannot  afford higher special education.

4.To All- Greater Impact with wider Benefits

 Our Institution intends to mould our students into  Research Scientists, Teachers or Entrepreneurs. They  would contribute to the development of the society.

 As researches, our graduates will excel in development  of knowledge providing much impact on the society.

Office Address: 1,Ashirwad, Opp.Jeevan darshan Society, Vasna Barrage Road, Ahmedabad-380007.Fax - 91-79-26607087
Ph.No(India): -91-079-26607087 (U.S.A) :626-359-6006 E-mail: mail@sairamtrust.in
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