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Value education


    Can we ever be happy with the present patterns of Education - having an increasing focus on consumerism  and materialistic approaches?

No. Certainly not. This is not the world that we wanted to shape for ourselves and the future of the tiny little and young ones. we look for something more. Something quite  better. Better than what it is.

We share your growing concern for the need to create a better  world. We have to take some steps right TODAY, and tomorrow could be too late. Human  destinies are created not by birth but by committed endeavour, mutual obligations and above  all these – a conducive environment for nurturing positive and human values. For, it is the Human Values that ultimately bond a society in harmony and cause all the human actions.

   We are seriously concerned for the future of young minds and their shaping up as better  citizens. For better citizens alone can shape a better world. We follow the model of Sri Satya  Sai University (formerly Sri Satya Sai Institute for Higher Learning) which remains a uniqe and successful example of an effective blend of Values and Education in shaping the students - not only as a good professional but also a good citizen.

We are sure that you agree with us on the importance of Human Values today, as values shape the attitude and  attitude makes the personality. A person's actions are guided by his inner values and shapes his attitude by his repeated actions guided by such positive or negative values. His attitude further shapes into his character. So, it is important that Education should mould positive values in shaping positive character of the students and make them better citizens.

   Education should enable one to cultivate good qualities, character and devotion. There  should be balance between worldly progress and inner growth. There should be unity  between one’s thoughts and actions. Only when there is unity can one realize divinity.

   Our Philosophy of education is not just awarding degrees to the students for their academic  pursuits. We are focused on the need to shape him/her as a value based human being. It is  the values that shape an individual and make him a better citizen. Education today, needs a  proper blend of Values, Humanity, Divinity and Knowledge. You would definitely agree with us  that the core of these is ‘Values’ - that influence the behavior of any individual. Creation of  Positive values and conducive atmosphere are the essential pre-requisites for shaping better  citizens. It is the need of the day that Educational Institutions should cease to be factories of  preparing graduates but they should reform themselves for the divine mission of shaping  value based citizenry.

   Sai RAM Trust is in its pursuit of establishment of an Institution of Excellence for Higher  learning including Research, as an attempt to create value based citizens, and strives to  stand as a role model for several such Institutions in the coming future.

Office Address: 1,Ashirwad, Opp.Jeevan darshan Society, Vasna Barrage Road, Ahmedabad-380007.Fax - 91-79-26607087
Ph.No(India): -91-079-26607087 (U.S.A) :626-359-6006 E-mail: mail@sairamtrust.in
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