Shri Purandar A Amin

 Shri Purandar Ambalal Amin, at the age of seven, began reading the books in a hermit's  ashram near the village where his father taught grammar school. Within four years, walking  every day along the flowing river to the Ashram, Purandar had read every book in the hermit's  library.

 More studies followed, and Purandar, who graduated with honors in Economics, Accounting  and Law and was a Chartered Accountant in India . He emigrated to the United States when  he was thirty, in the year 1970. He moved to California in 1972, passing the CPA exam the  same year. In 1978 he opened his own business, Puru Properties, and started his current  business, Central Capital Corporation, in 1999.

 He shaped himself as a proactive multifaceted leader to deliver stratospheric growth with  broad based knowledge, competence and experience. His creative, analytical problem solving,  negotiating, perseverance and Value and people orientation gave him a remarkable success  and exposure to multiple fields. Shri Purandar Amin and his wife, Uma make their home in the  Los Angeles Area.

The philosophy of his life

 For him, life is a river – that meets many obstacles and friends too, in harmony with other  streams and adding power to its flow. When it meets obstacles, it either overflows them or  changes the course a little – it accepts everything without making any judgement and gives  life to many without distinctions and expectations. It serves all equally. It purifies all and keeps  itself clean. It merges in the ocean like an individual consciousness merging into a super consciousness. He is a rare combination of spirituality and professionalism.

An author

 Shri Purandar has authored a few prominent books including ‘Fore Closures: How to Prevent,  Stop, Beat and Survive' in 1994 published by Om Sai Publications. He also authored ‘River  Flows” the title of which harks back to Purandar's boyhood travels to the hermit's library, grew  from his own spiritual journey. It was originally issued as a private edition in 2006, containing  the letters he addressed to his daughter ‘Rhutu'. The book is a transmission of his life  experiences to his children so that they do not have to reinvent the wheel, with shifting  priorities and the pressures of the modern world that do not allow any time for young minds.  For him, Spiritualism is the most advanced Science. The book is an attempt to direct young  minds to the ultimate truth in the most practical way.

On a Social and Charitable mission to create Change

 ‘Serve All – Help All' Inc., a non profit corporation, for educational and health issues was  formed by Shri Purandar in the year 2005. This is an initiative to make human life contributory  to any one who is in need and enable one to get out of ones troubles or miseries.

 He now leads the efforts to establish the Sai Raiba Ambalal Memorial Trust (Sai RAM Trust) in  Ahmedabad , India . The Trust Endeavours to create an Institution of Excellence – a fully  accredited University that will provide a free education to deserving young people. A mission  to create a Change in the lives of the economically deprived, a mission to shape and nurture  true talents and knowledge, and a vision to create Better Citizens for a Better World.

A successful Professional in Businesses

 Shri Purandar has a vast experience of handling major Accounting Projects that include  repositioning of Companies, Establishment of Internal controls, Network of Associations,  Conducted presentations before Board of Directors, Management, forming, dissolution and  merger of LLCs and Inc. On the Taxes, he interviewed clients, Prepared and reviewed tax  returns of LLCs, Corporations and Individuals. He managed IRS and FTB Audits. He was a  Key advisory on strategic decisions as to sales, acquisitions, dissolutions and partnership  changes.

 On the Real Estate, he turned around of bankruptcy, distress and foreclosure situations. He  renegotiated and saved up to $5,500,000 in mortgage workouts and raised equities and  obtained commercial mortgages of over $ 150,000,000.

 He conceptualized, planned and executed development plans for apartments; retail centers,  condos, motels, conversions etc., and organized and led team of architects, engineers, title  officers, attorneys and other professionals for development processes. He made  presentations before planning commissions, city councils and worked with neighborhood  groups.

* * *