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         This website is the creation of two young talents – Ms. Hiral Sheth and Ms. Krupali Bhatt.  They took the challenge of creating a world's best site, right when they just started as student  interns – to make  their own place of in the world of web designing.

 Ms. Pooja Upadhyay is another student  intern who joined them in an  endeavor to add value to their work.  Sai  RAM Trust acknowledges their valuable voluntary  contributions and congratulates them and  their teachers Ms. Romita and Ms. Vishwa at  Xplora Design Skool and Image Institute of  Designing, Ahmedabad for their wonderful  contributions.

       The journey of life is a chain of impressions, care, support and sacrifice of - some known  and many unknown contributors. Sai RAM Trust expresses its deep gratitude to each of these  know and unknown craftsmen in shaping this website, the activities and the donors who were  instrumental to shape the destinies of many pearls who might have just vanished as drops of  water, had they not been extended this great gesture of help.

       We are unfortunately subjected to few limitations in identification of the sources of some  of the images that our student volunteers could collect from the web sources. The pictures  were so unique that there was no second option to them. We strongly assure that such  pictures  used in this site are only for a noble and charitable purpose and not used for any  commercial  purpose. We sincerely thank each of these sources, and express our gratitude to  them for  an excellent work.

      The site is a coordinated effort of many. Expert views, models and pictures were the  lessons  and instruments to these young talents in accomplishment of this work. The students  and the  Trust wish to thank each of them.

      We earnestly request your views, suggestions and comments of the viewers to enable the  improvement of this initiative of the first team of young talents associated with the Trust.

      We express our gratitude to all the Donors, Supporters, Academicians, Members of  Consultative Panels, Industrial experts, Trustees and volunteers for being instrumental in  each step towards our objectives. Sai RAM Trust is highly indebted to them and expresses its  gratitude beholden.


 Sai RAM Trust



Office Address: 1,Ashirwad, Opp.Jeevan darshan Society, Vasna Barrage Road, Ahmedabad-380007.Fax - 91-79-26607087
Ph.No(India): -91-079-26607087 (U.S.A) 1:626-359-6006 E-mail: mail@sairamtrust.in
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